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2021 Las Vegas Senior Softball Association Board of Directors

LVSSA MembersI would like to formally introduce myself as your new President of LVSSA, as of January 1, 2021.  I would like to continue forward with the same vision as established by the former Board of Directors.  Covid19 has made it a difficult year for us all.  Our new standards are helping keep us safe and healthy; we all greatly appreciate your compliance.  Hopefully 2021 will bring about a brighter future as our organization continues to grow.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to being your President.                                                                         

 Here is your 2021 Board of Directors:                                                                                              President Robert "Bear" Beyer                                                                                                                         Vice President Laurie Buchman                                                                                                                  Treasurer Jim Whipple                                                                                                                                 Membership Dennis Hetherington                                                                                                                  66+ Player Rep (Men) Ed Wade                                                                                                                           65- Player Rep (Men) Tom "Turk" Allen                                                                                                     Player Rep (Women) Renn Hjellum-Lim                                                                                            Secretary Tania Allen                                                                                                                                           Board Member At Large Gene Sullenger

As past President Buchman reported in December, the CEO position has been eliminated at the request of the CEO.  Most of the focus of that position is at or near completion.  The association is moving in a direction that spends our Board’s energy on serving the members with more opportunities for participation year-round under our umbrella.            I am pleased to announce that Jim Whipple has taken on the duties of LVSSA Tournament Coordinator to facilitate a full schedule of tournaments for men and women.  He is also charged with the Night League which we plan to begin this spring.  These duties include a Tournament Committee, field permits, supervising Directors, securing umpires, supplies and all associated activities.

*LVSSA/SSUSA Update from Vice President Laurie Buchman:

LVSSA has retained legal representation with the firm Marquis, Aurbach, Coffing to get a settlement done with SSUSA.   As I stated in my State of the Association last month, we would secure a highly qualified attorney and keep the process moving.  All negotiations will be done through our respective legal counsels.  We are extremely grateful to have an “angel” that believes so strongly in our association that they offered to fund our legal expenses so we are competently represented.  I promised to stay focused on this in my new role as Vice President.

We have given our attorney all documents and correspondence with SSUSA from our files.  He has a good feel for what we have basis for in negotiations leading to a settlement.   His strategy is set and contact with the SSUSA attorney has started.  We await further updates.

Respectfully yours,

Robert "Bear" Beyer


January News Briefs


  • All members must comply with the mask/face covering policy.   
  • Remember we must follow all CDC guidelines, this not only includes face masks at field but self quarantining for 2 weeks if exposed. We take these precautions to protect our fellow members.

2021 MEMBERSHIP - $100

  • As of 1/20/2021 - 230 members have signed-up for 2021!   Join the "party": Go to "Become a Member" above and sign-up.  More information there!


  • Please contact your Field Representatives - Ed Wade for the 66 and Over Guys, Turk for the 65 and Under Guys and Renn for the Ladies - if you have any questions or comments.       Board Meetings will be held quarterly going forward unless a monthly meeting is necessary.  

18th Bullhead City Spring Classic