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Upcoming LVSSA Tournaments

2019 Fall Classic Women's Tournament  November 9-10

2019 AWS Las Vegas Worlds                             December 4-6

2020 Southwest Championships                    April 21-26               

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LVSSA Board Meetings for October through December 2019

The schedule for the  October - December 2019 Board Meetings are:

When:    Thursday, Oct. 24 at 11:00 am

                   Thursday, Nov. 14 at 1:00 pm

                   Thursday, Dec. 12 at 1:00 pm

 Where:  Skinny Dugan's Casino/Lounge

                     4127 West Charleston Blvd.

Agenda:  Will be posted to the  Document Collector and the Forms - Documents 2 section and a message will be sent out via e-mail to all members.

All Members are welcomed!

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Remembering Fred Turnier

There will be a Celebration of Life for Fred Turnier on Saturday, 2 Nov 2019 from 2-5 pm at Giuseppe’s Bar and Grill located at 6065 South Durango Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89113.

Fred was a past President of LVSSA and former LVSSA member for many years. The invitation is for all our members and those that remember Fred. 


Fall Classic Women's Senior Softball Tournament! Register Below


Coyotes - 75's - 2019 World Champs!

Coyotes 75's - 2019 World Champions!

Coyotes 75's - 2019 World Champions!



To:   All of the LVSSA members

This year our by-laws require that we hold an election for positions both elected by the membership and appointed by the Board of Directors by October 31st. Any member may apply for the positions outlined below by submitting written notice of their intent to run along with an outline of their qualifications to any of the committee representatives.. The nomination applications and information should be submitted prior to October 10th.

 The committee reps are George Kuehnel (over 65); Rod Adams (under 65) and Louise Freiheit (Ladies Rep), or for your convenience, they may be submitted to any Board member.  The following are the positions that are open for nomination:

VICE PRESIDENT:  The Vice President is the successor to the President if during his/her elected term he/she is unable to continue in the position.  Vice President is the overseer of all recreational activities by the association, i.e. general membership, non tournament. Responsible for recreational play, discipline, banquet and assigned activities from the Board. Nominee should have prior experience as a committee chairman or director. Vice President is a voting member of the Board and is elected by the Board of Directors. The President nominates a candidate at a meeting following the general election, the Board may also nominate a candidate. Election will be held at a Board meeting following the general elections. This position requires a majority of the full Board of Directors.

TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR/ DIRECTOR: Organizes all LVSSA/SSUSA tournaments. Works closely with team representatives and team managers. President nominates a candidate. The Board of Directors may also nominate a candidate. Election is at a Board meeting following the general election. Term is for 2 years.

TOURNAMENT REPRESENTATIVE: Works with managers, club members, and coordinates field maintenance assignments for teams. Works with teams to be in compliance with all LVSSA rules. Reviews and approves payments from the teams stipend account. Will be the lead person for organizing and recruiting new teams. President nominates a candidate, the Board of Directors also may nominate a candidate. Election is at a Board meeting following the general election. Term is for 2 years.

LADIES REPRESENTATIVE: Responsible to the Board to oversee the Ladies program and the growth of the membership. Sits on Board committees when assigned. The Ladies Rep should be available during play/practice sessions to answer questions or concerns and present them to the Board when applicable. Advise secretary of Goodwill/Welfare concerns. Coordinates the Ladies participation in LVSSA events to include Elections, Banquet, and Flag Day etc. The term will be for 2 years and the nominations, candidates, and the elections will be from the Lady members only.

AT LARGE REPRESENTATIVE:   The AT-Large Rep is elected by the Board of Directors. Any member may apply or be nominated. This position will be filled on an as needed basis to help with certain responsibilities or   assigned specific duties designated by the Board of Directors .The Board of Directors may also nominate a candidate. Election will be held at a Board meeting after the general election. The position requires the full majority approval of the Board.

There is a lot of work throughout the year to make us a better organization. I would like to invite all of you to get involved. Come to a meeting, give us your thoughts, you might have a skill to help us improve or volunteer to sit on a committee. Remember, this is OUR club, and together we can take LVSSA to the next level.


George Kuehnel


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October News Briefs


  • Mike Hula and Felix Mendiola are the LVSSA liaisons with SSUSA on the rules.   Please read the article above concerning communication  with Mike and Felix and visit our "Rules" link above for the rules process.


  • As of 10/1/2019 - 339 members (including honorary) have registered for 2019 - 46 members above 2018 - THANKS!  If you have not already, please register by going to the "Become a Member" page.  Only $40 for Men and $30 for the Ladies for the remainder of  2019.  


  • Check out our new sponsor "Senior Softball Life"!  Also, we  have Dudley products under "Merchandise".    Login to your LVSSA account, mouse over Merchandise, click on Bats, Bat Bags, Batting Gloves or LVSSA Patches.   "Available Inventory" has been added to the "Merchandise" page and lists what LVSSA has in stock right now!   Contact Jim Whipple to order.    


  • The calendar has been updated through December with new game start times.  Go to the Calendar above.




  • Thursday,  October 24,  2019 at 1 pm at Skinny Dugan's.  The Agenda will be posted to the Document Collector and Documents 2 page. 


  • Wednesday, November 13th from 6-9pm
  • Elks Lodge  at 4100 West Charleston Ave. (Across from Skinny Dugan's)
  • Cash Bar
  • Flyer Posted Above

LVSSA October Birthdays


2              Gene Sullenger

3              Dave Barretto

                 Tim Reed

4              Angie Kitchen

                 Lou Wodrich

5              Anthony Gulley

                 Gary Pro

10           Jeff Wagner

12           Randy Crawford

                 Randy Gropp

14           Bill Udart

17           Debra Kendrick

                 Frank Marstellar

                 Bruce Scott

                 Kelly Yurchick

18           Larry Rhodes

19           Bob Bainbridge

                “Bear” Beyer

20           Bob Bravetti

                Wylie Geter

                Angie Gruenenfelder

                George Kuehnel

24           Guy Grasso

                 Lucas Wangen

25           Margaret Sievers

26           Carson Smith

27           Francisco Cruz

                 James Firzlaff

                 Rick Hilton

30           Jim Hoenninger

31           Deb Anderson

                 Larry Giese

                 Sharon Hessler

                 Rick Mansker


LVSSA-SSUSA Softball Rules Committee

Mike Hula and Felix Mendiola are the LVSSA liaisons with Senior Softball on the Rules.  If you have a rule issue, please send Mike an e-mail at with the question or suggestion, and they can either supply an answer and/or forward on to the Chairman of the Rules Committee to have it added to the agenda for December. (FYI - he CC's the writer when it's forwarded to the chairman, so they know it's been added).   

You can also see Mike or Felix at the field and he'll write it down and forward it to the agenda.   For the entire process, click the Rules link above.   Thanks.    

LVSSA On-The-Mend/Goodwill Brief

Paul Ruben

We send Paul Ruben get well wishes as he recovers and returns home from Sunrise after heart surgery.

Know of an LVSSA member that is on-the-mend?    Contact Rod Adams or Bob Beyer, our goodwill ambassadors, at or or at the fields to send them a goodwill brief.



Welcome to the New LVSSA Website

The Las Vegas Senior Softball Association welcomes you to our new and improved website.  This new site has a great calendar that lists all pertinent tournaments and Lorenzi Scrimmages.  You will see a new Teams section that lists rosters for each team.  There will be plenty of new things coming as we develop this site over the coming months.

If you would like to contribute a story or an idea for the site, feel free to do so here.


On this page you will find information (guides, links and videos) about popular topics on the SportsEngine Sports Management Platform. Key help topics include: helping coaches and parents manage and follow Las Vegas Senior Softball Association teams, and topics helping parents set up their accounts and get messages. SportsEngine offers an in-depth help center with help documents and videos at In addition, there is a thriving community where we provide practical use cases for features, as well as a place to ask questions and get tips from other organizations on the platform. Go to to explore the community site.

If after reviewing the information on this page and you can't find your answer, please contact us by following the link.


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Check out our new Comment Board.  This new online meeting place let's our members talk softball.  You can respond to comments or start your own subject.  Let's get some good conversations going and remember, be nice!



LVSSA exists to promote Senior Softball from ages 40+ through 85+ by providing fields to scrimmage weekly, the Southwest Championships and World Masters tournaments, along with connections to local league play.   Running the highest quality tournaments and providing for the needs of our membership utilizing a group of volunteers ensures a pleasurable experience for our players.



We offer world class tournaments featuring the two largest SSUSA events in the USA.   Las Vegas offers the finest hotels, entertainment, restaurants and gaming.  The warm, dry climate along with exclusive use of the Trump "Rock" softball and field maintenance between every game make Las Vegas the premier place to play softball.  Our selection of ballfields is top notch.



With 216 teams this year, this always growing event is the 2nd largest on the SSUSA circuit.  Las Vegas Senior Softball, along with SSUSA makes this a great event.  Temps are usually in the mid 80's with very low humidity.  This tournament is not reserved for just residents of the Southwest.  So wherever you live, you're welcome to join us.



The granddaddy of all senior softball features more than 600 teams from all over the world.  Many believe they have to win a qualifier to be in this tournament, but that is not true.  All SSUSA qualified roster teams are welcome.  Beginning in the third week of September, the World Masters is open to all ages from 40+ thru 85+ at all different levels of play.  This is the one event you don't want to miss.  Rings are given out to all bracket winners.  Come out and show us how good you are.