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World Masters Championship "The Big Show"! NOW November 29-December 6

The home of the World Masters Championship present the Big Show. We've up the ante with great prizes, hotel discounts, no player fees with more to come.

LVSSA Shirts

LVSSA custom dri fit shirts, Pick your design and color add your name and # . Special $25.  Custom options available. Support LV small businesses Breakneck Gear  1541 W. Oakey!

LVSSA On-the Mend

Know of an LVSSA member that is on-the-mend?    Contact Robert "Bear" Beyer, our goodwill ambassador, at to send him a goodwill brief.


Comment Board


Check out our new Comment Board.  This new online meeting place let's our members talk softball.  You can respond to comments or start your own subject.  Let's get some good conversations going and remember, be nice!

LVSSA May Birthdays

2              Kathy Smith

5              Pat Lawlis

6              Tania Allen

                Nicole Neubeck

9              Russ Curtis

10           Eleanor Hawley

11           Duane Meth      

                Michael "MLK" Kaczer

                Steve Iddings

12           Paul Callaghan

15           Irma Pedroza

17           Stan Rittenhouse

19           James H. Brown IV

22           Ray Ellis

26           Corinne Higham

27           Bob Fioritto

                William Kephart

29           Doug Erlenbusch


May News Briefs: COVID-19


Here is info from the City on field use procedures we MUST follow:

  •  Practice Social Distancing according to the Governor’s and CDC guideline
  •  Participants must wear face coverings when entering and exiting the   facility.
  •  Participants must wear face coverings on the bench. (Face mask are not   required during play.)
  •  Participants must social distance while on the sidelines.
  •  User must provide at least a 10-15 minute transition time in between   games.
  • Remember we must follow all CDC guidelines, this not only includes face masks at field but self quarantining for 2 weeks if exposed. We take these precautions to protect our fellow members.

2021 MEMBERSHIP - $100

  • As of 5/1/2021 - 243 members have signed-up for 2021!   Join the "party": Go to "Become a Member" above and sign-up.  More information there!


  • CANCELLED - Thursday, May 13th at 7 pm at Gene Sullenger's Place, 7795 West Sahara Ave, #107.  Please contact your Field Representatives - Ed Wade for the 66 and Over Guys, Turk for the 65 and Under Guys and Renn for the Ladies - if you have any questions or comments.       Board Meetings will be held quarterly going forward unless a monthly meeting is necessary.  

Why be a LVSSA team? 

  • Secondary medical coverage
  • Discounted team apparel
  • Discounted equipment
  • Practice fields
  • Earn $$$ for your team

2021 Volunteer Positions

LVSSA Board of Directors met on February 11th 2020. In order for your association to achieve its potential volunteers are needed for many positions. Most positions are listed here, you are always welcome to volunteer your talents. We will never turn down the help.

As we have established committees will have a Coordinator and a BOD representative. Volunteers are sought to assist  each committee’s task. If everyone takes a small role we can move our programs forward.

Finance; Co-ordinator OPEN BOD rep Jim Whipple. Reviews financial data and policies.

Treasurer: OPEN Balances recreational bank statements in Quickbooks and prints reports. 

Permits; Open Attends semi annual Allocation meetings, files for weekday and weekend use permits.

Insurance; Open Solicits bids for insurance requirements, Obtains documentation for Permits, files injury reports

Paid Membership Coordinator Dennis Heatherington, Confirms members are paid, set up payment profile, ect

New Members Open Informs new members of benefits, solicits new members, works with social media to achieve

Website Coordinator Open Interacts with website host Sports Engine

Website Content Open organizes content and posting on website

Social Media Open Keeps social media content current, works with Membership and Tournament to promote activities

Database Open Manages membership and tournament data and sends emails 

Flag Day Open Plan and organize. Seeks sponsorship

Banquet Open BOD Laurie Buchman, Committee George Kuehnel Plan and organize. Seeks sponsorship

Tournament Committee Chairman Open BOD Laurie Buchman,Turk/Tania Allen, Lead current committee, 

Tournament Teams Open Work with LVSSA teams on organizing & opening opportunities for teams to earn

Leagues Chairman Paul Piscitalli Establish new options for players 

Hall of Fame Open

Shed/Equipment Open

Field Directors Russ Curtis / Chuck Godman / Erin Burgess / Saturday Open

Fund Raising Open

Grants Open


As you can see most of these positions will need to interact with each other to complete their objectives. Once we have co-ordinators and board reps we can add individuals to take a small portion of each committee so all the work does not fall on a couple people. These positions are open without your help these tasks will not be completed in 2021 and beyond.