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SSUSA Update - 10/26/2020

To Our LVSSA Membership:

This update is regarding our Tournament Production Agreement (TPA) with SSUSA as of October 26, 2020. 

SSUSA sent an offer dated October 20, 2020, via their attorney to our legal team.  It is an offer to LVSSA; a one-time stipend payment for the WMC with the caveat that our Association was not entitled to any monies, but this is a gesture of goodwill on their part.  It is not anything near the amount we should be given per the TPA.  This stipend was also tied to a settlement which included terms LVSSA would have to sign off on in regards to non-compete and no compensation for equipment we brought into the original TPA in 2012. 

On October 24, 2020 your Board of Directors had a Special/Emergency Meeting - going into closed session for the purpose of legal and contract discussion.

The Board of Directors listened to our advisor and came to a consensus.   Returning to open session, a motion was made to respond to the SSUSA legal representative to explore further a more equitable resolution based on our extensive deliberation.   

We await the next response.  There is no prediction as of today on the timeline to reach a remedy.  Ultimately, whatever may be worked out will come to the membership for a vote before final action is taken.  The general membership voted to enter the TPA beginning in 2012, so you again will vote - on the settlement.  We will handle the COVID19 protocols in detail when that occurs in the future.

Be assured that our planning efforts continue during this negotiation so that we are fully prepared to proceed in the best interest of the Association.

Many of you have expressed your support and posed questions to us that we have taken into the discussions as we moved forward in this process.  We have also heard from many longtime SWC and WMC players throughout the country.

Laurie Buchman


LVSSA New Officers


Your LVSSA Board welcomes Robert “Bear” Beyer as President and Tom “Turk” Allen as under 65 Representative.  They begin in January.

We all thank Rod Adams for his resolute work during the past 2½ years as Under 65 Representative and all the other additional duties he has taken on to make LVSSA a better Association.

My thanks and appreciation to those serving as At-Large BOD members during my presidency:  Garth Courtney, Louise Freiheit and Bill Patton. 

Let these members know how much we value their service to LVSSA.

Laurie Buchman



Thanksgiving Message

LVSSA Members,

The LVSSA Board of Directors wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.  

As you celebrate albeit perhaps differently than years past; take a moment to reflect on staying well and active; family and friends, and remember those we sadly lost this year.

Blessings to all.

Laurie Buchman


Late November News Briefs


  • All members must comply with the mask/face covering policy.   
  • COVID-19 updates:  Remember we must follow all CDC guidelines, this not only includes face masks at field but self quarantining for 2 weeks if exposed. We take these precautions to protect our fellow members.


  • As of 11/24/2020 - 111 members have signed-up for 2021!    Join the "party": Go to "Become a Member" above and sign-up.  More information there!


  • Volunteers needed;

    We have positions to be filled:

    Website Administrator: someone to organize website. Organize a small staff to update and improve site and site functions

    Facebook; Post updates and news to our facebook accounts

    Membership Coordinator; Organize new and renewing memberships, direct a small group to oversee growing membership

    Treasurer; Post transactions to proper accounts and reconcile recreation bank account using Quickbooks.

    Help the LVSSA by serving.   eMail Jim Whipple.




  • Thursday, December 10th at Noon.  The agenda will be posted.  Please contact your Field Representatives - George Kuehnel for the 66 and Over Guys, Rod or Turk for the 65 and Under Guys and Renn for the Ladies - if you have any questions or comments.       

LVSSA On-The-Mend/Goodwill Brief


Margaret Sievers:    Knee

Jane Smith:  Shoulder

George LaCombe

Tom Ahee

Know of an LVSSA member that is on-the-mend?    Contact Rod Adams or Bob Beyer, our goodwill ambassadors, at or to send them a goodwill brief.

LVSSA Board Meetings for December 2020 Thru February 2021

The schedule for December 2020 through February 2021 Board Meetings are:

Meetings are limited to Board Members due to COVID-19 restrictions.

When:       Thurs., December 10, 2020 at Noon

                       Thurs., January 14, 2021 at Noon

                        Thurs., February 11, 2021 at Noon

LVSSA Late November and December Birthdays

27          "Tim" Nelson

LVSSA December Birthdays

2              Joe Pusareti

                  Brenda Cruz

3              James Hunyandy

                 Jean Vaughan

4              Lee Mayorga

5              Doug Miller

7              Jim Bichsel

9              Jose DeHerrara

11           Paul Rubin

12           Dale Palmer

                  Gary Zollner

13           "Fred" Smith

14           Gary Harwood

15           "Jim" Whipple

17           Ethica Segler

18           Rod Adams

                 Bert Cochran

                “Stu” Weissman

19           Bob "Nap"

20           Rob Taylor

21           Dick DeLeuze

22           Joseph Franklin

24           Glenn Myers

25           "Hoss" Gittkamahee

26           90th! Tony “Capo”

28           Ed Page

29           Hank Cluess

                 95th!  Amie Lombardo

30           Lynn Baker

                Alan Melnick

                “Colleen” Shuey


LVSSA Photo Op?

Want a photo done like this?   

Anyone that would like a Lorenzi commemorative photo (like the one here of Rod Adams) contact Mike Warzocha ( to schedule a shot. He will have you in the foreground and on the video display with your name, number and position.

These are great to hang on your man cave wall or to cover that paint blemish on your wall you can’t seem to match.

Print is 8.5” x 11” and comes with a thin black frame for $25. Totally custom and one of a kind. Only $25 (framed).  

Welcome to the New LVSSA Website

The Las Vegas Senior Softball Association welcomes you to our new and improved website.  This new site has a great calendar that lists all pertinent tournaments and Lorenzi Scrimmages.  You will see a new Teams section that lists rosters for each team.  There will be plenty of new things coming as we develop this site over the coming months.

If you would like to contribute a story or an idea for the site, feel free to do so here.


On this page you will find information (guides, links and videos) about popular topics on the SportsEngine Sports Management Platform. Key help topics include: helping coaches and parents manage and follow Las Vegas Senior Softball Association teams, and topics helping parents set up their accounts and get messages. SportsEngine offers an in-depth help center with help documents and videos at In addition, there is a thriving community where we provide practical use cases for features, as well as a place to ask questions and get tips from other organizations on the platform. Go to to explore the community site.

If after reviewing the information on this page and you can't find your answer, please contact us by following the link.


Want to play?

Become a Member!

Member Slideshows


Check out our new Comment Board.  This new online meeting place let's our members talk softball.  You can respond to comments or start your own subject.  Let's get some good conversations going and remember, be nice!



LVSSA exists to promote Senior Softball from ages 40+ through 85+ by providing fields to scrimmage weekly, the Southwest Championships and World Masters tournaments, along with connections to local league play.   Running the highest quality tournaments and providing for the needs of our membership utilizing a group of volunteers ensures a pleasurable experience for our players.



We offer world class tournaments featuring the two largest SSUSA events in the USA.   Las Vegas offers the finest hotels, entertainment, restaurants and gaming.  The warm, dry climate along with exclusive use of the Trump "Rock" softball and field maintenance between every game make Las Vegas the premier place to play softball.  Our selection of ballfields is top notch.



With 216 teams this year, this always growing event is the 2nd largest on the SSUSA circuit.  Las Vegas Senior Softball, along with SSUSA makes this a great event.  Temps are usually in the mid 80's with very low humidity.  This tournament is not reserved for just residents of the Southwest.  So wherever you live, you're welcome to join us.



The granddaddy of all senior softball features more than 600 teams from all over the world.  Many believe they have to win a qualifier to be in this tournament, but that is not true.  All SSUSA qualified roster teams are welcome.  Beginning in the third week of September, the World Masters is open to all ages from 40+ thru 85+ at all different levels of play.  This is the one event you don't want to miss.  Rings are given out to all bracket winners.  Come out and show us how good you are.