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LVSSA Shirts

LVSSA custom dri fit shirts, Pick your design and color add your name and # . Special $25.  Custom options available. Support LV small businesses Breakneck Gear  1541 W. Oakey!

LVSSA On-the Mend

Know of an LVSSA member that is on-the-mend?    Contact Rod Adams, our goodwill ambassador, at to send him a goodwill brief.

Comment Board


Check out our new Comment Board.  This new online meeting place let's our members talk softball.  You can respond to comments or start your own subject.  Let's get some good conversations going and remember, be nice!

Why be a LVSSA team? 

  • Secondary medical coverage
  • Discounted team apparel
  • Discounted equipment
  • Practice fields
  • Earn $$$ for your team

Notice to Members

Las Vegas Senior Softball Association Members:

It has been brought to my attention that there is information that has been made available to some of our members and they have reached out to the Board of Directors for immediate action.

As your Vice President, it is my duty to alert the entire membership of the present affairs of our Association as we have already begun to address those concerns and seek the best remedies for the Association.

Our Association is at risk of being shut down. We are unable to pay for our insurance binders and subsequently unable to procure field permits from The City of Las Vegas.  This is due to the fact that one individual on the Board initially froze our accounts on June 3rd with no BOD knowledge or vote for such action. Then this same individual took it upon them-self to unfreeze and take out all the monies of both accounts on June 17th again without approval by The Board of Directors.  Where that money is at this time we do not know. How the financial institution could let one individual clean out the accounts without confirming such action with any of the other 3 account signers is beyond believable. Nevertheless; it was done.

This is an egregious act causing considerable and irreparable damages to all of our 240+ members. If that individual will replace in full all the monies back in both accounts without restrictions, we will be able to pay our insurance and once again accept dues payments. If the monies are not put back immediately, our only recourse will be representation by legal counsel and ultimately pursue this in court.

I will update you when there is information to share - either we will have to pause all Lorenzi schedules or the monies are recovered and our insurance is paid so that members can continue their activities uninterrupted.

Laurie Buchman


LVSSA Late June and July Birthdays

25           Ed Wade

26           Dorothy Johnson

27           Roger Keeley

29           Jeff Thomson

30           Tom Olsen

LVSSA July Birthdays

1              Mark Fink

8              Bart Nutt

9              "Leo" Wolf

12           Gavin Singler

14           “Coach” Chuck Godman

16           Allison Moderson

                Connie Squires

17           Leland “Corky” Owens

20           Sue Dacany

21           “Young” Rick Nelson

24           "Mike" - "Shula" Hula

25           Marcia Sobieray

29           Rick Bass

27           Al Castaldy

                Rhonda Decker

31           Dan Kelly


June News Briefs


  • Appointments/Confirmations shown under "About" above - will be announced soon.   


  • Remember to bring plenty of water with you to Lorenzi and hydrate!  Pace yourself while playing.   Feeling woozy?:  sit down and rest in the shade.

2021 MEMBERSHIP - $80

  • As of 6/1/2021 - 243 members have signed-up for 2021!   Join the "party": Go to "Become a Member" above and sign-up.  More information there!


2021 Volunteer Positions

Most positions are listed here, you are always welcome to volunteer your talents. We will never turn down the help.

As we have established committees will have a Coordinator and a BOD representative. Volunteers are sought to assist  each committee’s task. If everyone takes a small role we can move our programs forward.

Finance; Coordinator OPEN . Reviews financial data and policies.

Treasurer: OPEN Balances recreational bank statements in Quickbooks and prints reports. 

Permits; Open Attends semi annual Allocation meetings, files for weekday and weekend use permits.

Insurance; Open Solicits bids for insurance requirements, Obtains documentation for Permits, files injury reports

Paid Membership Coordinator, Rod Adams (Appointed)  Confirms members are paid, set up payment profile..

New Members Open Rod Adams (Appointed) Informs new members of benefits, solicits new members, works with social media to achieve

Website Coordinator Open Rod Adams (Appointed) Interacts with website host Sports Engine

Website Content Open Rod Adams (Appointed) - organizes content and posting on website.

Social Media Open Keeps social media content current, works with Membership and Tournament to promote activities

Database Open Manages membership and tournament data and sends emails 

Flag Day Open Plan and organize. Seeks sponsorship

Banquet Open BOD Laurie Buchman, Committee George Kuehnel Plan and organize. Seeks sponsorship

Tournament Committee Chairman Open BOD Laurie Buchman, Turk/Tania Allen, Lead current committee, 

Tournament Teams Open Work with LVSSA teams on organizing & opening opportunities for teams to earn money.

Leagues Chairman Open Establish new options for players 

Hall of Fame Open

Shed/Equipment Open Rod Adams and Mike Kaczer.

Field Directors Russ Curtis / Chuck Godman / Erin Burgess / Turk Allen and Rod Adams.

Fund Raising Open

Grants Open

As you can see most of these positions will need to interact with each other to complete their objectives. Once we have coordinators and board reps we can add individuals to take a small portion of each committee so all the work does not fall on a couple people. These positions are open without your help these tasks will not be completed in 2021 and beyond.