Recreational Play

RECREATIONAL PLAY: Tuesday, Thursday & Select Saturdays Year Around

Lorenzi Park located at 3333 W. Washington (google map) .  This is our home field.  Lorenzi has been remodeled and is a terrific place for LVSSA to play softball. 

Activities commence at 8:00 AM from March 1st to October 31st. 

During the winter months, November 1st to March 1st., play starts at 10:00 AM.  

There are two groups of players.  One group is mainly composed of players aged 50-64, but there are exceptions.  Players older than 64 can join this group if they wish.  The second group is composed mainly of members 65 and over.  If a younger member doesn't feel comfortable playing with the the 50-64 group, he/she can play with the 65 and older group.Women can play with either group based on their skill level. 

Several rules have been established for recreational play that are not seen in tournament play.  They are for safety reasons.  

  • Pitching screens must to be used at all LVSSA recreational activities.  
  • For players 75 and older, we have a rule that an infielder must be on the dirt infield and outfielders must be 150 feet from home plate.
  • Players 75 and older cannot be thrown out at first base from the outfield. 

A Las Vegas fire department station is located three blocks from the field in case of emergency.

On Mondays, players have the option of taking batting practice at Lorenzi.  

If enough players want to take batting practice on Saturdays that can be arranged.  Players should discuss this with their Field Commissioners. 

For more information contact one of the Field Commissioners or a member of the LVSSA Board of Directions. 


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