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Please note that starting Tuesday, November 7th,

game times will begin at 10:00 am at Lorenzi.

Batting practice to begin at 9:30 am

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Welcome to the New LVSSA Website

The Las Vegas Senior Softball Association welcomes you to our new and improved website.  This new site has a great calendar that lists all pertinent tournaments and Lorenzi Scrimmages.  You will see a new Teams section that lists rosters for each team.  There will be plenty of new things coming as we develop this site over the coming months.

If you would like to contribute a story or an idea for the site, feel free to do so here.

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Check out our new Comment Board.  This new online meeting place let's our members talk softball.  You can respond to comments or start your own subject.  Let's get some good conversations going and remember, be nice!



LVSSA exists to promote Senior Softball from ages 40+ through 85+ by providing fields to scrimmage weekly, the Southwest Championships and World Masters tournaments, along with connections to local league play.   Running the highest quality tournaments and providing for the needs of our membership utilizing a group of volunteers ensures a pleasurable experience for our players.



We offer world class tournaments featuring the two largest SSUSA events in the USA.   Las Vegas offers the finest hotels, entertainment, restaurants and gaming.  The warm, dry climate along with exclusive use of the Trump "Rock" softball and field maintenance between every game make Las Vegas the premier place to play softball.  Our selection of ballfields is top notch.



With 216 teams this year, this always growing event is the 2nd largest on the SSUSA circuit.  Las Vegas Senior Softball, along with SSUSA makes this a great event.  Temps are usually in the mid 80's with very low humidity.  This tournament is not reserved for just residents of the Southwest.  So wherever you live, you're welcome to join us.



The granddaddy of all senior softball features more than 600 teams from all over the world.  Many believe they have to win a qualifier to be in this tournament, but that is not true.  All SSUSA qualified roster teams are welcome.  Beginning in the third week of September, the World Masters is open to all ages from 40+ thru 85+ at all different levels of play.  This is the one event you don't want to miss.  Rings are given out to all bracket winners.  Come out and show us how good you are.


    Updates & News

        PLAYER PROFILE     



    Russ began his senior softball career in 1995, playing for BRL out of Salt Lake City.  In 2001, he began playing with Tharaldson Enterprises on a national level.  Over the last 17 years, Tharaldson's has been very successful, winning 23 World/Major championships and finishing second an additional 8 times.


    Russ has served with LVSSA in many ways, including Worlds Tournament Director, Ass't Director, Discipline Committee, Hall of Fame Committee and Board member.  He currently is Field One Commissioner at Lorenzi Park.


    Moving to Las Vegas in 2007, Russ lives with his wife Traci, has 5 children and 15 grandchildren living out of state.


    Russ is a 2009 inductee in the LVSSA Hall of Fame and a highly respected member of the organization.